Spring Summer 2018 color trends

With the arrival of the hot season we also have the arrival of new colors.
Spring summer trends 2018 are divided, on one side towards a strong, vibrant palette with vivid and very intense colors, on the other towards pastel hues on light garments.

The shades that will surely enjoy a greater success in the new season will be:


Pink lavender is the color that will dominate the whole summer season. This cool shade of purple is perfect for a ceremony or for an elegant evening. It is romantic but also delicate like the flower whose name it bears, you can wear it as a tailleur or you can wear it as a light garment.

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Sky blue

Sky blue is a very light and fresh color that evoke a serene sky. It’s great on mid or full-length dresses and super light dresses.

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Ultra Violet

Pantone recommends a precise nuance, Ultra Violet, and it elects the Ultra Violet color of the year 2018. This bold shade is a symbol of originality and creativity. It seduces thanks to its mysterious nature and is good both for women with blond and brown hair.
If a purple total look may seem excessive, you can opt for a combination with neutral colors such as cream, melange and white.

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Rapture Rose

A shade inserted by PANTONE in the official palette for spring summer 2018. It is a full and intense rose, however, it remains refined and delicate. it is the feminine color par excellence and fashion designers combine it with light clothes. Moschino uses Rapture Pink for his feather dresses.

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Arcadia Green

Arcadia is a bright, cool and elegant shade of green with blue undertones, like a tropical ocean. A color that is very reminiscent of the royalty of the 50s divas.
Arcadia green combined with complementary shades such as pink, ruby or plum will exalt its natural brilliance, while associated with related colors such as blue will accentuate its preciousness.

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Meadowlark Yellow

Yellow is among the color trends for spring summer 2018 with a bold and lively nuance, called Meadowlark Yellow, that comunicate energy and vitality. It is closely related to violet because it is its complementary.

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Cherry Tomato Red

Color of love, passion, symbol of life and energy, red is the most loved and most hated primary color ever.
Pantone has proclaimed a precise nuance, the Cherry Tomato, among the fashion colors for spring summer 2018.

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Brown is back on the spring summer 2018 color trends with a warm and bright hue.

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