Dream fabrics for your wedding dress

The fabric is a key element in the choice of a bridal gown. A high quality fabric can make even the simplest dress fabulous.

Bridal gown fabrics are an integral part of our history. Since 1922 we have produced marvellous fabrics that have dressed princesses and the girl next door, contributing to making such an important day unforgettable for any woman.

Every fabric has its own characteristics and it is important to keep this in mind in order to choose the most appropriate for your wedding dress.

Silk drap and georgette are perfect for wedding dresses with soft, simple, flowing lines or as a base for bridal gowns embellished with rhinestones or sparkling appliqués; silk chiffon for veils and transparencies; taffeta with its lightweight stiffness is ideal for more structured or sculpted models. The rustle of silk will remain for life in your ears and in your heart.

For a more classic dress choose duchesse, that no synthetic fabric can ever imitate; or the seductive, voluptuous silk satin, lustrous, soft, and fluid. You’ll be ladylike, elegant, and chic. Finally, organza with its light transparency is a lightweight and delicate fabric that requires a great ability to work with in order to achieve perfect dresses. It is one of the most romantic and elegant bridal gown fabrics.

And if white is not for you, feel free to choose among the innumerable colours in which our bridal gown fabrics are offered.
These fabrics are also perfect for those attending the ceremony who are not the protagonists.

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