Fabric trends 2018-2019: Brocade and Damask

The brocade and damask fabrics represent the choice of many designers for the autumn/winter 2018-2019 collection. Usually associated with upholstery and with a retro feel, brocades and damasks return once again to the catwalks of high fashion, giving a touch of comfy chic to linear garments.

But let’s see them in detail.

The characteristics of brocade and damask

Damask fabrics
The damask is a fabric that is characterized by shine and reversibility.
The damask fabrics are made with a single warp and a single weft with a chiaroscuro effect with glossy patterns on a matt background or conversely.

Brocade Fabrics
Fabric with motifs or relief figures on the right side.
The designs are produced from chains and wefts that are added to the background fabric, visible only on the right side.

The difference between brocade and damask fabrics is on side B: while damask fabrics are reversible, brocade fabrics have the threads of the design on the reverse side, which are clearly detached from the bottom.
For the realization of brocade fabrics the shuttles that move the threads are used only where the design must be created, so the texture of the brocade does not go from one end of the fabric to the other as for the damask, but is interrupted.

Fashion trends 2018-2019

The 2018 fashion shows set new and surprising trends in brocade and damask fabrics. These “upholstery” fabrics are back in vogue to create baroque and sparkling garments capable of illuminating and embellishing every outfit.

Evening looks take on lustre and prestige thanks to the oriental wefts woven on the long evening dresses created by Jeremy Scott for Moschino; brocade-style overcoats embellish the catwalks of Gucci and Kenzo; damask angels depopulate at the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show; Erdem proposes extremely elegant long dresses in devoré velvet.

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